Ruins of Arkhosia

Hidden Treasure

Medran comes to a bare room and discovers a secret door. Behind the door is a small room containing two iron chests that are unlocked. Inside the two chests are 250 gp each. Medran holes up inside the secret room for the night to recuperate from his fight with the rats.

Medran encounters some Giant Rats

Medran cautiously enters the large chamber and finds that its center is filled with a pile of refuse. He detects the unmistakable smell of rats. In an attempt to incinerate the rats before they pose a threat, Medran uses his dragon-breath to set one side of the rubbish-heap on fire. This kills three of the giant rats that inhabit this side, a fourth leaping out of the collapsing wreckage badly singed. A fight ensues as more giant rats continue to issue out of either side of their den, attempting to surround Medran who only survives by consuming all of the healing potions that were granted to him by the party of adventurers as thanks for showing them the exit. After slaying two more of the immense rodents, Medran makes his escape down one of the passages on the far side of the chamber…

The adventure continues...

The party of adventurers greets Medran and tell him they are trying to find the way out. Medran offers to show them, but when they return to the vibrating room it does not activate. The party stays in the room, searching for a way to activate it, while Medran goes to explore further. He enters a nearby room and finds yet another giant snake, a constrictor. He misses with his first blow and the snake quickly slams him with its body and begins to squeeze. Unable to break free, Medran unleashes his breath weapon upon the snake and calls to the others for help. The snake survives Medran’s fire and strikes back, knocking Medran unconscious.
Medran awakens to find that he was rescued by the party and is now back in the vibrating room. A few minutes later the room begins to vibrate, and when the door is opened it opens into the room that Medran first entered it from. He shows the party the way out and they rest in the open air.
After regaining his strength, Medran continues to explore the subterranean ruins. He becomes lost for a time in its labrynthine corridors, and eventually finds his way unknowingly back to the vibrating room. He realizes where he is when he stumbles upon the corpse of the giant snake that he had slain almost two hours earlier. He then continues to explore, eventually coming to a large triangular chamber…

The story so far...

Medran, a dragonborn warrior, leaves his home village and goes to explore the nearby ruins of the ancient Arkhosian empire. He hopes to one-day revive its glory. He finds a ruined temple and quickly locates a stairway that leads down from the floor level. He finds himself walking down a wide hallway when he triggers a trap that shoots spears at him. He is wounded, but continues. Eventually, he comes to a small room that begins to give off a strange vibration after the only door in or out slams shut. Once the vibration stops, Medran leaves the room to find himself in a different part of the dungeon. He opens the door to yet another room and comes face to face with a giant spitting cobra. The snakes first spitting-attack misses, and Medran immediately strikes a killing blow. No sooner has the beast fallen dead than a party of adventurers comes striding into the room. How will they react to the dragonborn they see before them?


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