Ruins of Arkhosia

Medran encounters some Giant Rats

Medran cautiously enters the large chamber and finds that its center is filled with a pile of refuse. He detects the unmistakable smell of rats. In an attempt to incinerate the rats before they pose a threat, Medran uses his dragon-breath to set one side of the rubbish-heap on fire. This kills three of the giant rats that inhabit this side, a fourth leaping out of the collapsing wreckage badly singed. A fight ensues as more giant rats continue to issue out of either side of their den, attempting to surround Medran who only survives by consuming all of the healing potions that were granted to him by the party of adventurers as thanks for showing them the exit. After slaying two more of the immense rodents, Medran makes his escape down one of the passages on the far side of the chamber…


Hriston Hriston

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